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"Even the longest journey must begin where you stand."
                                                              -Lao-Tzu ......
and as such, an unexpected journey began for our young heroine, Aria Chablis King,
when at the tender age of 7 years old, she took her first magical musical step.
Without training, particular influence or prompting, she began composing and performing
incredibly melodic contemporary classical piano pieces in a "Goth Romantic" fashion.
Surrounded by musical influences consisting mainly of that within the pop culture of her time,
it remains a mystery as to how her unique sense of musical style developed.

At the age of 12 years old, Miss King released her 1st album, Fueled by Purple - Chapter 1 -
"Not Too Young to Find Myself".
This album represents the culmination of 5 years worth of work.
At the age of  7 years old she wrote her first song, which became the title song of the album,
and which is also the namesake of her record label; Fueled by Purple.
The title of the song is inspired by her habit of walking onstage for live performances with a
small and ornate glass candy dish in her hand which is full of purple M&Ms.
 She would then make the audience
wait momentarily while she ate some of them before playing.
As she began to play her magical and whimsical songs for these live audiences, her fanciful
sense of style would have them stunned, with mouths opened in disbelief.
After each show, the same complimentary comments would be received,
with most people stating that they think her songs sound like TV and Movie soundtracks,
with one name in particular being repeated over and over.
Many fans express to Aria Chablis King that her music sometimes reminds them of
"A Nightmare before Christmas", or other Danny Elfman works.

It was after she finished recording her album that she discovered the works of David Lanz,
with which she now feels a kindred musical spirit, as she delightfully discovered that her
sense of musical style is similar to his as well.

With eyes to the future of composing for motion pictures and television, Miss King continues
to develop her skills with continued musical education.

When Miss King is not playing piano, you may catch her watching Phantom of the Opera,
or you may find her in the dark of her room, flashlight to page, sneaking a mystery novel
hours after she is supposed to be sleeping. Or you may find her sitting on her bed
with a laptop, writing her own mystery novel.

She is known to carry a bag full of "spy" gear, and has been overheard saying,
"What do you need? I've got one of everything in here."
And you can test her on this. More than once, she has rescued poor souls
during a time of need with the contents of her mystery bag.

Occasionally she will be seen using an eyeliner pencil to paint some freckles on her face;
just because she thinks she they are cute.

The Purple Prince encouraged the world to party like it was 1999. It seems fitting then
that Aria Chablis King, the Purple Princess, was born November 5th, 1999.

Her first album has been extremely well received by her fans, who report that the
catchy melodies quickly get stuck in their heads, and they find themselves listening
to it almost obsessively; over and over again.

So what is next for Aria Chablis King?
In between her live appearances, she is continuing to write her second album,
"Fueled by Purple - Chapter 2".
She is also seeking financial funding and support so that she can take her music to
the big screen in "Fueled by Purple", the motion picture.

More magic, more enchantment, and more wonderful melody is in store for her fans,
as Miss King continues to write and record for other future music releases;
including albums that stray away from instrumental only.
Miss King looks forward to having albums produced that showcase her vocals.

She has expressed that she would love nothing more than to work in film and music with
Dakota Goyo, Asa Butterfield, Johnny Depp, Sarah Brightman, Jackie Evancho,
and other artists that she admires.

Aria Chablis King's career is managed by her Father;
Music Producer and Record Company Executive, Nathanial D. King.
She is Published by her own Publishing company, Fueled by Purple Publishing.
For business and booking, visit: or
(She often has FREE things available for fans on her website's homepage)

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